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I am not a customizer by any means, so my custom collection consists mainly of those figures which I have purchased. I tend to like a custom that brings out a mold's details which are not emphasized on the original figure. There are also those customs which improve on the original color scheme. John's desert camo Skidmark is a figure with both qualities.

I was always impressed with the level of detail on his original desert Skidmark figure that he made back in 2004. He took a figure with a bizarre orange and green color scheme and turned it into something special. It was like a whole new figure. When I saw he made another one and put it up for auction on eBay, I just had to have it. The colors and detail of the accessories on his vest are fantastic. The desert camo paint scheme is real-life accurate and vastly superior to Hasbro's Desert Patrol.

What is even more impressive is the paint application. It looks and feels as smooth as a factory made figure. Whatever his mystery paint process is, it works very well. I can handle this figure without fear of having the paint chip or rub off. It is definitely a posable and playable figure. It was well worth the money.

Patrick A. Riley V
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